Complete PrestaShop eBay synchronization, all that it requires is a click! - Fall 2017 version

Main module features:

Products and Order Synchronization

Creation, adjustment and closing of advertisements; automatic updates and order management

eBay™ forwarding lists

Full control: you will be able to synchronize complete categories, subcategories or individual productsi

Ad-Hoc models

Thanks to the models, you will be able to associate precise shipping costs and times to each product

23 eBay™ marketplaces managed

Send your products all over the world with one single module and without extra charges

Auctions or Buy Now

Showcase your products on eBay™ for Auction or Buy Now transactions

Total eBay™ orders management

Manage all your orders from the PrestaShop management platform:
the customer will finally be yours!

Advanced photo gallery

Keep images on your own site to avoid additional eBay™ charges

Endless eBay™ graphic templates

Customize your advertisements without limits, by category, marketplace, or individual product

Multilingual Advertisements

Complete support for the publication of adverts in 65 different languages

Quick selective synchronization

Quick update of the most important fields: quantities and prices of the products showcased on eBay™

Automatic forwarding of credentials

The customer purchasing a product on eBay will automatically receive the access credentials to your PrestaShop site

Management of unlimited eBay accounts

Do you own several eBay shops and would like to manage them all from your PrestaShop panel? This is the right module!

Configure the module and start the synchronization

Simple and quick, allowing you to become immediately operative


Download and Installation


The module will be ready immediately after purchase: price includes professional installation within 60 minutes from the time of ordering!


Flash Synchronisation


Set the sales conditions, select the products to send to eBay and click "Send": the average upload time is 20 aucions listed in 1 sec.!




Manage eBay orders directly from PrestaShop: management times reduced by half and products always up-to-date with the correct quantities!

Try it free on your PrestaShop!


After registration, you will receive the fully functional module for installation on your PrestaShop eCommerce
and you can try it with all its features: for 10 days without obligation!


  • Complete P2e module
  • Professional installation
  • Manual in English language and support via ticket
  • € 250 (+ VAT)

Renewal, support and updates: 100 € (+ VAT)

Marketplace eBay Supportati


The template gives the possibility of synchronizing the PrestaShop shop with all the existing eBay marketplaces, to date 23 worldwide!

Gestione modelli di prezzo

Price Templates

The Price templates are a group of rules that allow managing the price surcharge on eBay based on certain conditions.

Gestione modelli di Spedizione

Shipping Templates

The shipping template allow associating a specific shipment cost based on the weight or the price of the product to be published on eBay™

Gestione profili di vendite

Sales Profiles

Using the sales profiles, it is possible to manage all the aspects of the publication of the products on eBay: graphic layout, title, subtitle, categories, etc...

Liste di invio ad eBay

Sales List

The Sales List is the list of products included in a special group and connected to the eBay platform.

Opzioni di Sincronizzazione


In the Catalogue Synchronization panel, it is possible to change the template synchronization options.


Advanced support will be done via Phone/Skype and screen sharing via TeamViewer (download).
The sessions will be held by our integrator specialist.

Support Services Duration (hours) Price Order
P2e basic configuration 2h 100 €
How to publish on eBay 1h 50 €
P2e general information 1h 50 €
3h support package 3h 150 €
6h support package 6h 300 €

Terms and conditions
- Once purchased, the service must be used within 30 days;
- Time spent on the Product Catalogue or PrestaShop Configuration Review will count as a portion of purchased time;
- The amounts indicated are excluding VAT.


The prices below are based on a products catalogue consisting of 80% in "simple" products (without variants). In addition, all information relating to products and channel data must be complete and available. The channel price includes: posting new listings on eBay marketplaces, setting up profiles and sales lists and 1h training time.

On Boarding First channel An extra channel Order
Up to 500 SKU's 250 € 200 €
Up to 1.000 SKU's 350 € 200 €
Up to 5.000 SKU's 500 € 200 €
Up to 10.000 SKU's 750 € 200 €
Up to 25.000 SKU's 1.000 € 200 €
Up to 50.000 SKU's 2.500 € 200 €
Up to 50.000 SKU's Contact Us Contact Us

Terms and conditions
- If your catalogue is more than 20% of products with variants, they may be applied additional costs;
- If your catalogue is to be published in more than 15 eBay categories, additional costs may be applied, please contact us;
- "Extra Channel" means the publication of the same products on a second marketplace (example: publishin the catalogue on +
- The amounts indicated are excluding VAT.

PrestaShop compatibility
1) Which versions of PrestaShop are compatible with the module?

The P2e module is compatible with all PrestaShop versions from 1.3 up to the most recent one,

2) What characteristics must the hosting have to support the synchronization?

If the PrestaShop platform is already installed on the server, the module may be also installed without problems.
The necessary requirement for correct synchronization is the possibility of setting a CronJob at server level (planned operation), to be performed every "x" minutes.

3) Does the module work on PrestaBox or PrestaShop Cloud?

The PrestaBox or PrestaShop Cloud hosting services offered by have many limitations, including the impossibility of installing third-party modules like ours.

4) What are the minimum server requirements for the operation of the P2e module?

Recommended requirements: PHP version 5.4 or higher, 256 MB minimum memory, Max Execution Time at least 300, Module folder writing permits enabled, GPC Magic Quotes disabled.

eBay compatibility
1) What type of eBay account do I need in order to use P2e?

In order to synchronize your PrestaShop site with eBay, you must have an eBay account (Italian or foreign) and a verified PayPal account.

2) What type of eBay shop do I need to have in order to use the P2e module?

The module can also be used without an eBay shop. If you have a shop, it can be used with any subscription levels, from the Basic shop, to the Premium shop, to the Premium Plus shop, which allows publication in all European eBay countries.

3) How can I sell abroad using the P2e module?

You will be able to sell on all the existing eBay marketplaces using either one single account or several accounts, for example one for each country.

Operating methods: Installation
1) How should the module be installed?

All the offered packages include professional installation of the module on your PrestaShop platform, so that the "turnkey" product is delivered to you ready for use.
If you do not wish to take advantage of the installation service, you will receive the module in .ZIP format, for you to upload to the PrestaShop module area, together with the license code for the activation.

2) How can I access to the module functions after installation?

After installation, the module will be available from the menu "Catalogue -> eBay".

3) Where do I find the instructions for use?

After the order, you will receive the full user manual, helping you to use all the functions of the synchronization system.

4) ow can I request support for use?

By placing the order, you will access to your reserved area, where you can open a support ticket, read the FAQ section and download additional information material.

Operating methods: Advertisements management
1) How does the module deal with advertisements already published on eBay?

The module does not consider any adverts already published on eBay, which you can keep active and manage directly from eBay.
Note: The module only manages the advertisements uploaded by it, synchronizing quantities and details, closing any advertisements for products out of stock, and importing orders; All the advertisements uploaded before activating the module will not be changed, closed, or synchronized.

2) How can I choose the products to be published on eBay?

The module allows two advertisement management procedures: manual selection of the products to publish or synchronization of full categories. We recommend the latter type of synchronization, as any new products added to the synchronized category will automatically be published on eBay without any further actions required.

3) How can I manage shipping costs for eBay products?

You will be able to manage eBay shipments in different ways: dynamically, based on the product weight, setting a fixed cost, or selecting free delivery.
You will also be able to set several shipment methods for each product and all the following services: cash on delivery, insurance, collection from product location, shipping discounts for multiple shipments, shipments abroad, and much more, exactly the same options available from the eBay Selling Manager platform when you create a product.

4) How can I manage payment methods?

The module supports: PayPal™, Postal money order, Bank transfer with Infobonifico™ option, cash on delivery, Cheque, Visa or MasterCard, American Express and "More - See object description", exactly the same options made available from eBay when creating an advertisement on the Selling Manager platform.

5) How can I manage price surcharges?

ou can publish your products on eBay with a price surcharge, this can be done for all products, maybe by indicating a percentage (e.g.: +3%, +10%, +20%, or any other desired value), or dynamically by setting the surcharge conditions, for example, you will be able to apply a specific surcharge based on the price of the product. In this way, if for example a product costs between 0 and 20 Euro, you will be able to publish it on eBay with a 10% surcharge, if it costs from 21 to 50 Euro, you can apply a 5% surcharge, etc... no other system currently allows such a precise and detailed management system!

6) How will my products be displayed on eBay?

If your selected package includes a graphic template, the advert will appear with the layout created by us, otherwise it will be possible for you to use any other templates, or simply publish written description content, without preset graphics.

7) How can I manage the graphic template?

The module manages endless graphic templates, this will allow you to present the products in a professional manner, also splitting them by category, or individual product. Your will be able to directly create a template from the module (using a visual editor), or using external software and then importing it in HTML format. Our company offers advanced services for these kinds of activities, visit out dedicated mini-site

8) How can I publish my adverts abroad?

The module can handle an endless number of accounts and all the 23 eBay marketplaces available. Simply select the country where you wish to publish the products and the module will publish them with all the information translated (provided that this has already been uploaded in PrestaShop).

Operating modes: Order management
1) 1) How can I manage orders?

All the orders for the products published using our module will automatically be visible in the "Orders" panel of PrestaShop and will automatically be labelled as "eBay Orders". From this panel, it will be possible to update the shipping status, enter the tracking number, print the shipping details, the invoice, and much more.

2) When the order status is updated on PrestaShop, will it also be automatically updated on eBay?

Yes, the synchronization will automatically also update the order status on eBay, without having to access the "Selling Manager"platform, allowing you to save a lot of time.

3) When the order status is updated on eBay, will it also be automatically updated on PrestaShop?

Yes, synchronization is bidirectional, and therefore if the order status is changed on eBay, the information is also updated on PrestaShop.

4) Does the module import orders for products already on eBay?

All the orders generated by the eBay marketplace will be imported in the "Orders" section of the module. Only the orders for products forwarded by the module itself will be imported in the main "Orders" panel of PrestaShop.

5) In case of error, or missing buyer details, what does the module do?

The module gives the possibility of checking for any issues relating to orders received from eBay, correcting customer records and if necessary forcing the import of the order, so that all sales related activities can always be managed using the PrestaShop management panel.

Module purchase
1) What are the procedures for activating the license?

The license is activated for an individual domain.
For the update of the module with new functions, assistance via ticked thought reserved area ticked and general maintenance, there is an annual subscription fee of 100 Euro (+VAT) starting from the second year.

2) What does the annual subscription fee include? Is it compulsory?

The annual subscription includes: support, updates, bugfixes and new functions. The subscription is not compulsory, however, if you should decide not to renew, you will lose the advantages of any updates, support and new functions. This means that in case of changes in the eBay platform, your module may not work correctly, and having failed to renew the license, you will need to purchase a new module.

3) Is it possible to ask for an invoice?

Of course! An invoice with VAT at 22% will be issued for each activation. For purchases from other EU countries, or from countries outside the EU, it will be possible to ask for a 0% VAT invoice.

4) What payment methods do you accept?

When ordering, you can select to pay by PayPal or Bank Transfer.

5) How can I order?

You can send your order by clicking "BUY NOW". You will be redirected to your cart, where you can register and complete the order in full safety

6) Are there any discounts for resellers or Web Agencies?

Yes, contact us for more information on the discounts available for resellers.

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